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Textmunication Holdings, Inc. Builds For The Future With RCS

By CIOReview | Friday, August 10, 2018

PLEASANT HILL, CA - Textmunication Holdings, Inc. is engaged in the provision of mobile marketing solutions, rewards and loyalty programs. The firm is further opening its doors for developing Rich Communication Services (RCS) solution for wellbeing and wellness, beauty salon, entertainment and hospitality verticals. Textmunication is working with its mobile messaging associate, OpenMarket, to develop use case mock-ups, Exhibitions and market trials for specific customers. It is expected that by early 2019, Textmunication will be launching RCS on its "Smart Automated Messaging."

RCS is seen as a successor to SMS and supports rich media content, hot buttons, video and other features. It has strong support from the mobile industry body GSMA, which predicts 86 percent of smartphones will be RCS-enabled by 2020, and the market could be worth as much as $74 billion. The popularity of “over the top” (OTT) applications like WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger have gained in popularity in recent years. RCS will provide businesses with a direct, productive conversation with their customers providing unique branding and engagement opportunities. Textmunication will offer both SMS and RCS solutions to its client base depending on the smartphone and mobile carrier used. If a smartphone isn’t RCS-enabled, the message reverts to an SMS notification.

Some mobile carriers have started rolling out support for the RCS Universal profile - a new messaging standard enabling traditional texting to look more like chatting in a modern messaging app, complete with reading receipts, typing indicators and more. Once the Universal RCS standard is fully-adopted, it will allow for RCS messaging between supported smartphones on all major carriers, rather than just within the same carrier.

Textmunication recently announced the addition of Thomas DiBenedetto and Joseph Griffin as advisors for business strategy and investment execution, which includes a focus on RCS development and market scalability. In addition to completing the RCS API and performing market trials, Textmunication has several new Club Management Software (CMS) APIs in progress for the fitness sector. Textmunication is the preferred SMS vendor for several of the top CMS companies and was recently recognized as a “Top 20 Digital Marketing Solution Provider” by CIOReview. Textmunication offers API, API integrated and White Label solutions across the United States and Canada.

"With the completion of our Smart Automated Messaging platform, we now look towards the future with RCS. By adding 'app-like' messaging functionality, we are at the forefront of what's to come concerning how customers interact with their favorite brands through mobile messaging", states Wais Asefi, CEO of Textmunication.

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