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The Advent of Smart Warehouses

By CIOReview | Friday, May 24, 2019

FREMONT, CA – The ever-changing needs and demands of the public have forced businesses and organizations to introduce flexibility and resiliency in their processes. The effects of innovation have also reached the distribution network centers, preparing them to meet the challenges of the technological era.

Until now, traditional warehouses dealt only with the storage of goods and were manually managed by the stakeholders. The tedious processes compromised with time as well as the efficiency of organizations. However, the advent of automation has opened new windows of opportunities.

The integration of the internet of things (IoT) has transformed the warehouses into smart spaces, making them hubs of operational excellence. It has helped the organizations in introducing promptness, performance, accuracy, and efficiency into the process.

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The integration of automation and digitalization has given rise to smart warehouses, eliminating the tedious and time consuming manual processes. IoT has facilitated seamless integration of data into management applications, enabling the stakeholders to monitor and track the operations continuously. The digitalization has also enhanced visibility, leading to quick response and delivery times, better customer service, and improved experience.

Automation empowers organizations to maximize profits and gain a competitive edge in the market. It streamlines warehouse operations through the utilization of robots to handle labor-intensive tasks. Also, automation aids in the reduction of operational costs and enable prompt deliveries. Integration of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system assists the organization in tracking inventories and enhancing collaboration.

The warehouses can monitor and track the movement of assets through smart devices, sensors, and cameras. The employees can utilize smartwatches to get instant notifications regarding operations, which will enable them to make immediate decisions.  Also, cobots, or collaborative robots, can regularly update warehouse managers regarding technical glitches during the process.

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Digitalization of warehouses can empower the managers to monitor and control the cobots with constant updates. The immediate glitch notifications enable them to take preemptive measures before the situation escalates. The introduction of automation, robotics, and IoT into the warehouse can potentially alleviate ineffective collaboration, tedious manual operations, productivity goal failures, and other issues.

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