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The AI Antidote

By CIOReview | Friday, June 28, 2019

The evolution of AI and NLP in healthcare has taken a massive shape in the industry that aims to transform unprocessed data into significant intellect to produce improved results.

FREMONT, CA: In an era where launching new solutions have gone up to a state of frenzy, healthcare providers often lag in making use of the existing tools as well. Several reasons back the issue, such as expenses and time for implementation, but the major obstacle for the industry is the fear of losing the patient-doctor interaction due to automation, which can affect the human experience.

On the other hand, AI technologies, in reality, can help in creating new opportunities for essential and productive patient-provider interactions by minimizing the administrative burden.

Let Tech do the Overwork:

By integrating chatbots to triage and check symptoms for trivial complaints, doctors can have time and facility room for patients with severe needs. The AI-based solutions can assist in prioritizing patients and making sure that the most critical cases are treated with immediate care. The healthcare industry can set treatment reminders, appointments, and analytic processes by using automation that can reduce the burden of staff and give scheduled treatment to the patients.

AI-Driven Solutions:

Due to the increase in documentation, billing receipts, and overwhelming regulatory requirements, doctors face low job satisfaction, which is alarming for the industry. By implementing AI-driven solutions that influence NLP and ML, every mundane work can be taken over, and ultimately, doctors can invest more time on their patients with direct care and face-to-face interactions. In order to have a faithful assistant, doctors can have AI-based solutions that can take care of the non-care burden; meanwhile enhancing accuracy and insight to help doctors understand the disease and its symptoms.

Unleash the Useful:

There are cases where many important data useful for treatment gets overlooked or confined to unstructured data due to the long narrative notes of the physician. Having NLP-based solutions can collect and examine this data from multiple sources and give the physicians a greater insight regarding the treatment besides, perk up the accuracy in coding and billing. The technology frees up a lot of time of the doctors allowing them to invest their time on bringing together insightful details from the patients and provide more holistic care. The technology adopted by the healthcare industry offers in-depth insights, meaningful interaction, and timely care from the patients’ perspective.