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The All-New Data Center Resets Seminar Arrives In A City Near You!

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 27, 2016

TechTarget is bringing the all-new Data Center Reset seminar to a city near you this fall. 

Marc Staimer, of Dragon Slayer Consulting and Scott Lowe, of The 1610 Group, will explore the ups and downs of the emerging technologies transforming the data center, to help you choose the right server and storage infrastructure to support your organizations’ business needs. Given the frantic pace of innovation today, it is more important than ever to extract the real IT value from marketing hype. Register now to attend!

Marc and Scott are excited to lead this seminar –– with a 2-part discussion focused on modernizing your infrastructure:

Part 1: Compare and Contrast Infrastructures
Session one will introduce the different kinds of converged and hyper-converged systems. You will explore the shortcomings, and problems each approach solves. Then you will look at the workloads that shine on these platforms and identify those that should remain on traditional architectures.

Part 2: Next-Gen Storage and Network Infrastructure
Session two will navigate through the next generation of storage architectures and approaches on the market today, and examine new storage technologies such as: flash, software-defined storage, commodity storage, object storage, VM-specific arrays, other converged solutions and cloud gateways. Marc Staimer will help you determine if and how you can integrate these new technologies into your existing infrastructure.

Register today!