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The Amalgamation of AR, VR, and Chatbots

By CIOReview | Monday, May 7, 2018

With continuous advancements in technology, the world is moving towards greater innovation in the genre of engagement at a faster pace. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Chatbots are among those technologies that achieved an engagement by connecting real and virtual worlds to offer an immersive experience to the user. A genre born out of the amalgamation of these three technologies has allowed OEMs to bring out the best of the three worlds for greater user engagement.

Technologists are certain that this fusion is going to make a huge impact by promoting a unique experience to the customers. Consider a customer wanting to purchase a car. As the customer enters the dealership, he or she is given a headset built on top of VR, AR, and Chatbots in combination with each other. The customer is then guided on a tour assisted by a chatbot that provides detailed information of every car present in the showroom using real world graphics to simulate the functionalities of different vehicles. The virtual reality experience allows the customers to get a broader perspective of various features offered by the manufacturer. All in all, the user experience allows customers to exercise their choices based on an understanding of the all the options offered by a dealership.

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Of course, there are still areas that need to be improved in this fusion technology. VR needs higher picture clarity, AR should have all the necessary information that is needed, and chatbots should be able to recognize the voice and speech patterns of humans effectively to enhancing better interaction. Technologists are taking considerable steps to revamp the required areas, and soon this fusion will carve a niche in technological world.

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