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The Benefits of a Cloud Business Telephone System

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 11, 2021

Selecting the right cloud business telephone system is very important, and it depends on the business size, needs, and budget.

FREMONT, CA: Business phone systems have been around here for a long time. At a minimum, phone systems usually allow a business to have the main phone number with extensions to reach employees. Since phone systems became VoIP-based, enterprises have run their own by deploying telephony software on a connecting phone to the server over their IP network. For small or medium-sized business, running own phone system need IT overhead. To reduce this IT overhead, cloud phone system providers began hosting phone system software for firms to purchase over the Internet. Cloud phone systems free companies from IT overhead and offer several benefits.

The major benefit of selecting a cloud business telephone system over hosting their own is reducing the time and money invested in running a phone system. It is a lot like choosing a hosted email service instead of creating their own. Not only can firms skip purchasing the server to host the phone system, but firms can also avoid the time spent on upgrades and security. VoIP hacking is prevalent if firms are not careful with the phone system. VoIP hackers will take control of phone systems to make calls on the dime. Reputable cloud business telephone system providers are focused on performing a secure service, so firms don’t have to.

Cloud business telephone system providers provide administrative portals to make changes that can be done by any team member with a few clicks. This is much more efficient for enterprises than depending on a specific IT resource for complex configurations. To stay competitive and relevant, cloud business telephone system providers focus on developing calling features that help people communicate in a work environment. A hosted phone system provider might provide a webphone that firms can log into from anywhere, integration with the CRM for automated logging. Choosing the right cloud business telephone system for the business can help optimize processes and save the company resources.

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