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The Benefits of Gamification on Contact Centers

By CIOReview | Monday, May 28, 2018

Gamification is the ideal way to drive employee engagement in contact centers as it encompasses three dimensions of the employee interaction process—commitment, competition, and collaboration. Today, most customers resolve the underlying issues on their own and contact companies only when complex problems arise, which they cannot solve on their own. A contact center; being the central point from where all customer interactions are managed, requires more skilled and engaged employees to deal with these complex issues.

By harnessing the many entertaining aspects of games, such as involving badges, leaderboards, level progression and points for rewards, achievement, and recognition, companies can improve employee engagement, their retention and customer experience. Companies can link gamification to the business systems and operations, where game elements will be tethered to employee performance data. When implemented successfully, gamification can foster a collaborative environment for employees, ultimately delivering an increased measurable impact on a company’s bottom line.

Gamification is not entertainment; it is a powerful way to conducively measure and motivate employees. It motivates employees by giving credit where it is due; they will be recognized for great performances, makes them more engaged and fosters healthy competition among them. More engaged employees deliver better customer experiences at lower costs—all of which is easily measurable as big data and analytics power gamification. This also enables companies to measure the longevity of the impact gamification has on their employees.

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