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The Changing Face of Retail Shopping with Augmented Reality

By CIOReview | Friday, May 4, 2018

With the invasion of technology, making retail shopping has become fun. Customers do not have to visit shops and check whether they are ‘open’ or ‘closed’. Today, a smartphone functions as a personal computer, using which we can access through a digital shopping cart and shop with just a click. Despite retailers adopting the online method of shopping which is the e-shopping, augmented reality (AR) is yet to make an impact in this segment.    

Tech giants Google (ARCore) and Apple (ARKit) are bringing this transition by embedding Augmented Reality into their smartphones that will allow developers and enable retailers and marketers to create an incredible AR experience. According to a survey by Digital Bridge, 74 percent of customers in the US are expecting retailers to offer AR type experience, which is certainly going to reconnect the physical and digital retail market. 

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This will create deeper messages via AR in all in-store signage that possess AR hosts which direct the customers to specific departments within a retail chain, co-branded with augmented products enabled with shelf-talking callouts and quickest coupon delivery based on AR actuation.

AR has been used by innovators who are moving ahead of time. For example, a toy company leveraged the potential AR-impacted market to add a different sort of excitement into its stores. Based on the data from 2016, the majority of the toy store’s revenue is still generated in its stores. Thus, the toy store is attracting more children as the owners are living up to customer expectations with changing technological trends.

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