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The Combined Forces of Big Data and IoT to Revolutionize Global Lives

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 8, 2017

Coalescing big data and IoT certainly is propelling new innovation and creating new heights in the data analytics realm. The huge amount of data that IoT devices generate can be a rich fodder for big data analysis, which can extract meaningful information from the massive data influx. However for businesses to capitalize on this trend and achieve the elixir from a business perspective, it is essential to understand, measure, and monitor huge chunks of data. Although many organizations have acknowledged the value of storing and managing data, they are grappling to build the required infrastructure and deliver the value. It is imperative for businesses to optimize the data they collect and use it to encourage innovation that can benefit their customers.

What is Big Data?

Big data is often defined by four v’s: volume, variety, velocity, and veracity. While volume refers to the massive quantity of data that it encompasses, variety provides information on the structured and unstructured nature of such data. Velocity, on the other hand, points towards data processing speed and finally, veracity signifies authenticity of the accumulated data. Big data in tandem with Internet of Things (IoT) developments present umpteen opportunities in data processing.

IoT as of now has permeated through everything from watches, fridges, car, trains, and almost every machine / device related to human life. The IoT essentially acts as a conduit between collection and processing of data. The enormous information from IoT devices falls under the ambit of big data and therefore is measurable. Very soon, things such as smart train tracks, traffic lights, voice activated appliances, among others, will dictate most of our workaday lives. Hence for businesses to analyze data coming from IoT devices will be fructuous to enhance their business offering and improving product quality.

Cementing the Gap between IoT and Big Data

Bringing together these two disruptive technologies actually demands a revamp in existing infrastructures including hardware repository and software applications. Businesses will have to deal with the enormous influx of data from IoT devices and formulate ways to analyze it in real-time.

Big data tools can be immensely helpful in handling large data masses, which in turn can bring forth streamlined information. However, IoT brings data on a different scale; hence analytics should be able to handle rapid data ingestion through an accurate and fast extraction method.

As an example, SQream Technologies, a big data analytics software vendor, offers real-time analytics solutions for massive sized datasets. The solution essentially condenses a full-rack database into small server processing units up to 100 TB in order to minimize hardware requirements. The next-gen analytics database of SQream Technologies leverages GPU technology enabling further downsizing of the hardware. This assists IoT organizations to establish a correlation between the burgeoning data sets and help solve the size challenge without falling short of performance yardsticks.

What is the Challenge?

Going back to our earlier estimate about IoT devices in 2020, which is 4.4 trillion GB of data, it is quite apparent that the repercussion of such proliferation will bring in major cybersecurity issues and safety concerns. Cybercriminals would be able to break into anything and everything ranging from powergrid to traffic signals.

Internet security is top priority in today’s digital age. Aligning to the need for stronger security, Some organizations such as Zscaler already have started to venture in the internet security domain. Zscaler offers IoT devices protection against security breaches through a cloud-based solution.

The Internet of Things and big data is going to share a closely knitted future. It is beyond any doubt the two technologies will create new opportunities and device newfangled solutions that will have a long-lasting impact in the IT world.

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