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The @ Company Announces @ppathon Winners

By CIOReview | Friday, December 4, 2020

@ppathon challenges college students to revolutionize the internet and think about direct People to People connections.

FREMONT, CA: The @ Company, creator of a revolutionary internet protocol that protects personal data, announces the winners of their recent @ppathon, a competition of internet innovation for college students near graduation. The four-week event featured 30 selected students/graduates for a total of six teams. The @ppathon was developed to serve as a competition of internet innovation for college students. The company believes that young developers and college graduates have what it takes to revolutionize the internet and rectify its enormous flaws. By hosting a month-long event with seed funding prizes and numerous training/practice pitch sessions, was confident that the participants were provided with the first step to applications for the new era of the internet.

Participating teams presented the apps, including @health, an application developed to safely store health information, send it to health professionals, document calorie intake and exercise, and participate in fitness-related challenges with friends and family. The second one is @adPrivate, a surveillance-free advertising platform that allows @sign owners to get paid to view ads, help content owners get paid, and share crypto peer-to-peer.  @signal, an online chatting platform, allows @sign owners to connect with strangers easily and securely. @family is the all-in-one family productivity toolbox. @safely is a safety app that will offer @sign holders a sense of security and peace of mind wherever they or their loved ones are through safety alerts, location havens, and more. @party is an online platform providing a secure method for local vendors to offer potential clients goods and services through an interactive bidding process and comprehensive marketplace.

Developing ethical applications of technology is a key component of our teaching and learning practices. This competition was an ideal chance for students to apply their knowledge in highly creative ways. The winners were selected based on the potential of the apps they pitched and the competency of the teams themselves and included:

The @ppathon was designed with few constraints for the student developers, prioritizing ingenuity, and apps that featured key attributes of the@protocol: true peer-to-peer use cases, privacy, security, and simple and fun UX.  The event highlighted an extensive range of creative, high-utility ideas.