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The Connection Between IoT Systems and Honeybees

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

What IoT Can Garner from Honeybees is that by keeping connectivity secure, simple, and smart, IoT managers and designers can accomplish the success of connecting the world.

FREMONT, CA: IoT advancement today has extended its arms to enhance beekeeping to a more significant effect. However, while IoT progresses with the improvement in taking care of the bees, bees themselves have a much to teach about how IoT can be improved.

The work of building connected cities raises the connection between technology and living. The aspect is worth considering of how nature has long been doing something similar by enabling each bee to connect with the rest of its colony to live together prosperously.

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Smart Cities

An assortment of interconnected IoT sensors in a smart city is similar to that of a honeybee colony. An analogy would be, a super-organism with numerous different types (or class) of sensors interacting among themselves using several protocols (whiff) as a society (hive) to achieve a set of targets. So, what can one learn from bees, and apply the highly-effective communication strategies of bees to IoT?

Simplicity: Bees have an apparent vocabulary, and dance is an integrated form of interaction that bees use. The location among bees is communicated in terms of distance and bearing. Bees can travel up to four miles, so the terrain they cover over the range can be complicated and diverse—chiefly for a small bee. The waggle dance is an effortless but highly proficient type of communication that bees use to tell others in the hive where the paramount source of food is. A simple approach is taken to weigh the different food reports, like the more bees making the dance for a feed spot, the better the assumed supply.

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Security: Pheromones are a means to a bee’s safe and sound communication. The accurate carriage of preset chemicals validates essential intra- and extra-hive communications.

Smart Communication: With thousands of bees in a hive, potential threats, several food sources, and a continuous lifecycle from egg to hatchling, the probability for miscommunication is high and actual misunderstandings rare. The key to achieving the precision of interaction is that bees only correspond to what is required. The creatures sort out and forward across the information that is pertinent to the rest of the hive.

What IoT can garner from honeybees is that by keeping connectivity secure, simple, and smart IoT managers and designers too can accomplish the success of connecting the world.