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The Customer Data Platform is the In-Thing for Marketers

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Customer data platforms are currently being hailed as the best tools to catch a glimpse of the average customer's psyche. The rise of a large number of such platforms in the recent past has been a sigh of relief for marketing professionals since they amalgamate customer data from a wide variety of resources. A comprehensive study of the data amassed by the platform helps marketing professionals tailor strategies to allure them more effectively towards a product or service. Customer data platforms have undoubtedly curbed the expenditure incurred by firms in their marketing activities and largely eliminated the trial and error approach of capturing the target market segment's attention.

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The adoption of such data platforms has paved the way for marketing performance measurement, predictive modeling and enterprise campaign management. One of the greatest triumphs of these data platforms is the ability to help enterprises pay attention to the needs of each customer rather than relying on a generic approach that does little to the tastes of a large number of people. The most noteworthy accomplishment of a customer data platform is the integration of data from multiple sources which previously worked in silos. Considering the useful insights they deliver, it seems like customer data platforms are here to stay and will continue to help marketing professionals tailor more innovative strategies to entice consumers in the years to come.

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