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The Dawn of AI in Finance Market

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 29, 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and neural networking have become the trending topics across the market that each business is willing to integrate with their product offerings to automate day to day activity and reduce expenditure. The finance industry is one of the major market spaces where machine learning is implemented to analyze data and AI is being applied to create efficient financial models.

In fact, AI has become one of the best options to secure data from breaches and create intelligent authentication systems to prevent misuse of information. Moreover, AI will force banks and other financial institutions to hire only the skilled persons for a job and successfully eliminate inefficiency.

Today’s end-customers desire a far more personalized and contextualized experience with the banks and financial institutions. AI and machine learning are being implemented by banks to gain transactional and behavioral insights on a particular client to optimize client satisfaction. Any inconsistency in the personalization may factor into the loss of the client itself. Additionally, predictive analysis can be used to determine the optimal price at which a customer may convert to a specific bank deal.

Machine learning and AI is being used to analyze data with advanced algorithm to predict the outcomes, realize the intention behind each data input and how it can be customized to provide more customer-centric output. In Fact, AI can be used to write quarterly reports to eliminate human errors, as well as increase productivity of each employee. 

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