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The Dawn of Cloud-Ready Enterprise Data Center

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 22, 2018

Today, one thing that is systematically changing businesses of all stripes is data. As data volumes continue exploding, the brunt of the impact will be felt by data center providers across the globe. We are already seeing digital powerhouses such as Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft using more compute capacity, networking, and storage through hyperscale server farms to meet growing data demands and workloads. From manufacturing to financial institutions, an increasing number of industries are adopting similar cost-effective digital technologies in an effort to scale up and improve agility for meeting customer demands. Increasingly, users are building new corporate data centers, with most new workloads shifting to cloud or colo environments.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Today, every company and its employees require instant and real-time access to data in order to stay relevant in the marketplace. This is one of the primary reasons why edge computing is projected to be the next multibillion-dollar tech market. Every such organization across the globe are increasingly looking for delivering better customer experience through the efficient delivery of data, services, and content.

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The Rise of Hybrid Generation

The growing adoption of digitalization has given rise to new forms of competition and lifestyle improvement for end users. However, more digitalization also presents significant resource and data processing challenges. A hybrid strategy that welcomes full hyperscale and edge computing can help in such situations. In case the type of service or product is not latency or bandwidth-driven, it is effective to host it in the server farm far away from the user. Low-level processing, backup or storage are other examples to mention.