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By CIOReview | Monday, February 18, 2019

What just began as bitcoin technology has now taken over the world. The blockchain technology has penetrated every aspect of life from banking to healthcare and beyond. Cybersecurity is an industry, whose scope for further development was greatly affected by this technology. Blockchain eliminates much of the human element from data storage, which is the largest source of data breaches and reduces the risk of human error substantially. Blockchain shapes future paths. This generally applies to many industries that rely on high cybersecurity. Many businesses look at blockchain to secure their personal and private and data exchanged through chats, messaging applications, and social media. They hope to become a safe and impenetrable platform for foreign attachments with the help of blockchain.

Based on blockchain technology, cyber defense is increasing in efficiency. Blockchain prevents and detects fraud and data manipulation. It encrypts and renders data transparent and auditable. In private and public and applications, blockchain offers trust and precision between parties. It works not only by encrypting the information and transactions but also by decentralizing them. When hackers try to centralize the blockchain or break, it will warn the whole system. Blockchains do not provide a hackable failure point or vulnerable entry. Cybersecurity today uses blockchain technology because it gives way to more safety than before. Blockchain also works to prevent theft of identity as it can confirm the digital identity of the user and the activities that are being shared online. This new security level gives Internet users a higher degree of privacy. It reduces the likelihood of identity theft.

It is important to know how cybersecurity is changing. But what industries use this innovative technology at the moment? The healthcare industry has transformed one of the largest industries in blockchain technology. Healthcare is an industry that is struggling with security and infrastructure issues, as seen with huge cyber attacks in the last few years. Blockchain implementation in their facilities saves considerably and helps to fight fraud, data handling, and human errors. In addition, many businesses want to build a blockchain which prevents attacks from DDoS. The British company MaidSafe, which wishes to decentralize the website and help develop web 3.0, in which users can run apps, store information and do all their tasks, but more safely, usually online, is a well-known example. It can change how efforts are being made for cyber safety and can impact several industries.

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