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The Emerging Adtech Trends in 2020

By CIOReview | Monday, January 18, 2021

The advertising technologies are have metamorphosed the advertising industry altogether. It replaced traditional advertising activities with the programmatic ones.

FREMONT, CA: Today, companies are striving to adopt smart advertising strategies and automate advertising functions, expecting far better results. Digital advertising exists since 1994, but the popularity that we witness today marks the most stable modification of digital advertising ever.

This post will give an overview of the Adtech ecosystem, and some of its upcoming trends.

Defining Adtech and its ecosystem

The concept of Advertising Technology or Adtech revolves around the set of tools that the advertising industry employs for establishing and managing digital advertising. It includes the advertisers on the demand side and publishers on the supply side, which witness the programmatic aspect of advertising.

The Adtech ecosystem

The Adtech ecosystem comprises of these eight components that form an interactive and interconnected network. These units are,

Media Agency, Agency Trading Desk (ATD), Demand-side platform (DSP), Data Management Platform (DMP), Ad Networks, Ad Exchange, Supply Side Platform, and the Ad Server.

The Upcoming Advertising Trends

Approaching Consolidation, where the big corporates are acquiring significant companies in the market to strengthen their services through a single platform. However, this is a threat to smaller companies and startups.

Companies with Niche offerings are succeeding with advertisers adopting fundamental approaches of advertising, instead of the new platforms like Facebook. Furthermore, advertisers sometimes want to break the trend of employing typical platforms like Apple and Google, and instead use third-party tools for designing and promoting their ads.

Adtechs are ensuring more transparency with GDPR implementing privacy and transparency guidelines. These will urge the publishers to disclose their data utilization, and simultaneously, advertisers will be able to track the publishing of their ads and details of the revenue.

The trend of storytelling through ads is voguish today. The focus is on creating attractive content and not just on the aesthetics of the advertisements. Advertisers deploy Augmented and Virtual reality techniques for this purpose.

The increased use of mobile devices has changed the trend of customer behavior. Ads reach their target audience very easily through mobile applications and web browsers on mobiles and easily draw the attention of the users. 

Adopting new Ad channels is a profitable move towards strengthening Advertising. The Smart televisions and over-the-top platforms like Amazon Prime, and Netflix serve as new platforms for advertisers to introduce their ads.

In this tech-savvy world, Adtech is fundamental to the growth of the advertising industry. Additionally, integrating Martech and Adtech can prove to be profitable for achieving business targets. The decentralization of this industry is hopeful of boosting the audience reach and thereby elevate their returns on investment.

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