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The Era of Modern Sports, Digitalization is the secret!

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The sports industry, like others, has progressed in terms of audience attention and revenue generation with extensive digitalization.

FREMONT, CA: As technologies have an enormous impact on almost all the aspect of our society, it includes sports as well. The ways of communications, transportations, data transfers, and living have changed tremendously with the developing technologies.  Digitalization in sports has improvised the sports experience with its new ideas, problem-solving techniques, and providing modern innovative equipment for the athletes as well. Today, many teams or sports associations are taking majors to improve the fan experience, which works well to raise the popularity and information about the particular games. 

•  New Experience with New Equipment

Today, the equipment and apparels from shoes to uniforms are not just a need or factor of team representation but also a medium to provide facilities with high-tech and high-functional abilities. Smart equipment like high-tech helmets or pads enables the runs a regular analysis on the player for safety and injury precautions. With the advanced technologies, teams are now able to review and evaluate their performance to improve the playing techniques and strategies.

•  Passes and Tickets

Nothing else can ever beat the experience of a sports tournament in a stadium. But, buying a ticket from the stadium used to be a hectic job; firstly, one has to spend all the day in the queue with the high chances of the tickets getting over, secondly- the costing process was never really efficient and used to be expensive too. With the digital implementations in sport, fans can easily buy the tournament tickets online without any hassle or long time taking processes. The convenient reach and alert about the dates of the matches make it easy and simple for both the distributor and fans to sell and purchase tickets before time. 

•  Social Media and Digital Platforms

The advanced technologies have given benefits to the sports authorities and distributors for better coverage and enhance the quality of viewing. Different sports channels offer the options of live telecast and replay, which helps them to raise the viewership of their portals. However, as a fan, we can also record, download, and replay any of our favorite footage according to our convenience. Now we can enjoy a live match without any interruptions in our smartphones anywhere and anytime.

Today the sports industries are passionate about every aspect of the game from fan management, enhanced distribution level to the player’s equipment. Sport is no longer inside the spectrum of a good match or game but has evolved into a massive industry for enjoyment and engagement of the fan experience.