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The Era of Voice-Aided Shopping is here

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Voice assistants are providing retailers with an unparalleled opportunity as consumers have increasingly begun to use them for research purposes when they buy products online. The technology is transitioning to e-commerce from customer service. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, a total number of 1.6 billion people will use voice assistants services. Due to this, retailers are trying to explore ways of improving voice assistants to enhance customer experience.

The voice technology systems are powered by conversational Artificial Intelligence and enable customers to interact with the brand conveniently. Virtual assistants search, open, command and engage various websites, apps, and portals we interact with daily. Retailers are looking to update their new strategies in an effort to prepare for this technology. The progress made in voice technology, machine learning and natural language recognition in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has helped in bringing a new shift towards voice technology in e-commerce.

As voice search and voice recognition are becoming more accurate and precise, customers are experiencing the convenience, and this has made voice-assisted commerce very easy. There will also be an investment drive in the technology as various costs in labor and management of the customer purchase process are spared. Even though prominent players are investing big in voice technology, it is still in its early stage and has a few drawbacks. The accuracy of voice recognition has to be improved, and currently, a buyer may order one item at a time or a certain number of the same item.

Voice-enabled shopping is slowly becoming popular, and consumers will expect to use voice, as well as other social media channels, such as Facebook Messenger, as preferred channels of communication during their shopping. As retailers are bringing in conversational AI, it is imperative that the technology is integrated with the existing digital channels in creating a seamless end to end customer experience.

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