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The evolution of Digital Workplace: How Should an Enterprise handle?

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Today, workplace has evolved from a traditional analogue electronic technology to Digital electronics, marking the beginning of information age. Digital workplace offers ability to access information from anywhere, anytime using any digital computing technology. Almost all companies are implementing digital tools to enhance efficiency and productivity of their business.

Implementing digital technology in the workplace offers benefits like rapid innovations, effective storage and easy retrieval of information, enhanced consumer oriented styles, efficient usage of mobile, and cloud technology. These benefits have influenced many enterprises to deploy digital workspace in their premises.

Each step is a transformation and there is no scope for slightest mistake. According to surveys and latest business trends deployment—digital workplace is one of the major reasons for the success of any business. This article elucidates simplest way for an organization to get accustomed to the digital workplace.

Current Trends of Digital Workplace

The digital world enables enterprises and employees to get connected across multiple devices and also blend application, information and integration of intranet. To achieve this internal communication and connection, it is essential that organizations deploy digital technology according to the Line of Business (LOB).

Effective Communication

Executives expect information to be available at their fingertips. In midst of growing data, employees are finding it difficult to find the information they need. Therefore, enterprises must focus more on simplifying connections and exchange of information between employees and various devices, depending on the work.

Mobile Technology

Enterprises are developing a virtual user friendly interface that is sufficient to make the clients and end users happy. The use of mobile technology has simplified way to connect people, access the information from anywhere.

Live Broadcasting and Video

The digital workplace transformation has impacted the life of the people to a great extent. For instance, employees can work from home and continue the conference meeting through Skype that they had left in the office. These kind of new technologies have become conventional in most of the enterprises.

Initiative from CIO’s

By enhancing executive’s experience, with modifiable innovative intensity and optimizing costs, CIO’s can build up their strategic spot inside digital environment. It is the responsibility of CIO’s to take initiative and contribute to the evolving needs of organization.

Building a Digital Workplace

Moving from traditional workplace to digital workplace involves managing muddled digital technologies, optimizing costs, altering the working space, while offering better customer experience. While building digital workplace, customer is placed at center of everything; therefore it is an opportunity for enterprises to become customer oriented firm. This enforces organizations to consider digital workplace as an important asset of the company that is significant for the enterprises like any other main services.


There are two things that should be made clear to the employees of the organization before transforming. First and Foremost thing is importance of shifting to digital workplace to achieve collaboration, communication and connection. The next thing is about the changes that value proposition undergoes during the transformation of traditional approach into digital technology.

Having a persuasive vision of digital workplace will give a clear-cut picture about how it affects the business processes in enhancing enterprise profit and other advantages of digital technology.

Plan Ahead

Enterprise should come up with an effective plan on how the new workplace is going to work, in terms of the roles and relationships of each unit. The strategy should contain a log of different technologies leveraged to improve efficiency of the organization.

Employee Management

Enterprise should maintain effective office culture and offer new ways of working to the employees. Human Resource Team is responsible to ensure employee engagement program is carried out by all the customers.

Adapt to Changes

As the transformation occurs, there will be a lot of changes in the organization culture and behavior. A fully fledged future plan includes recruiting a skilled employee to train, promoting a tenured employee to lead the pack, setting up a bench mark and following best practices for all the projects.

Business Enabler

While working towards developing a successful digital workplace, it is necessary to eliminate the hurdles that come along the way of addressing business challenges and requires a unique approach to business processes. Restructuring such processes needs a detailed analysis of how conveniently executives work and communicate with each other and how well they get adapted to latest technologies.

Future of Digital Workplace

By blending employees from different units, the transformation to digital world empowers officials to invest huge efforts and build efficient bonding with digital tools to present significant business value. There are many interesting building blocks of digital workplaces that one can look forward towards implementing. Before that, in order to relish the success of digital workplace, enterprises must ensure that they have an upgraded intranet platform to support latest product and its evolution.