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The Foschini Group Leverage CA Technologies Security Solution to Enhance Business Efficiency and Compliance

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 25, 2016

FREMONT, CA: The Foschini Group (TFG), a South African fashion lifestyle retailer has successfully implemented the first phase of CA Technologies Identity Manager and Identity Governance solutions to address information security and compliance demands, reports With the help of CA Technologies, TFG can now efficiently reduce costs and improve business efficiencies while streamlining regulatory compliance.

In this phase, the process of managing the access of TFG's head office workforce is implemented. With the growing digitization of the retail value chain, TFG will radically upgrade its data security and governance environment. This decision will drive TFG in achieving enhanced security and operational efficiencies with resulting cost benefits for the business.

CA Identity Suite efficiently increases user productivity and business flexibility. Through a simple, business-oriented interface, users can easily request access and perform self-service, while managers can approve or certify access in a way that improves their overall productivity. It also offers provisioning and governance capabilities that help businesses to easily ensure that all users have the correct access, further facilitating the usability and security.

Craig De Lucchi, Account Manager, CA Southern Africa, extols the role-based access provided by the CA solution is a critical foundation for digital access governance. The solution built on CA Identity Manager, CA Identity Governance and CA Shared Account Manager helps businesses to respond dynamically to changes in user roles and responsibilities.

Leveraging CA’s technologies, TFG can fulfill the strategic criteria that includes the need : to assist in achieving compliance with all relevant regulations; improve operational efficiencies while reducing costs for user access management and manage the group's data risk.

The CA solution will ensure that all users of TFG's systems can access to the data resources and finish their tasks at ease. By automating the management of the roles and their access privileges plus maintaining a central user database, the CA solution will reduce the time taken by the current manual process while greatly enhancing accuracy.

"The CA’S Identity and Access Management solution is critical for information security to respond dynamically to changes in the business, and is instrumental in achieving compliance with the relevant legislation and standards. The CA solution contains elements like multi-factor authentication that align with our current initiatives. This improves access governance and will lead to greater control plus enhanced information security for TFG," concludes Kevin Day, Head of Information Security and IT Governance, TFG.