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The Fusion of Bitbar and SmartBear might be a Big Win for Customers

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The blend of Bitbar and SmartBear now will leverage its clients with a wide array of tools for building the most exceptional quality software and deliver value rapidly.

FREMONT, CA: SmartBear, a provider of the industry's finest tools for ensuring delivery of good quality software, has recently disclosed about the accession of Bitbar, the advanced mobile app test automation platform, and device cloud provider.

The fusion of innovative technology of Bitbar and SmartBear product portfolio provides the companies the opportunity to harness automation for delivering the finest quality software faster. Bitbar enhances the client's performance and scalability. Along with being highly customizable among mobile application test platforms, it also enables the enterprises to combine with CI/CD pipelines by utilizing APIs effortlessly.

Bitbar is a natural complement to CrossBrowserTesting solution of SmartBear, which gives a boost to the strength of the enterprises to keep their clients satisfied by ensuring that their web and mobile applications are running smoothly. The acquisition enables SmartBear to spread Bitbar platform's value to the huge and evolving software development teams, who are SmartBear's clients.

SmartBear is a private IT enterprise that offers software to testers, developers, and operations engineers across the world's most renowned organizations, including JetBlue, Adobe, Microsoft, and Mastercard. SmartBear enables people to use their high-impact tools to test, build, and monitor software in a faster way. SmartBear was featured as one of the 20 Most Promising Software Testing Solution Providers 2015 in CIOReview.

Coverage at an advanced level

Meeting the requirements of the customers is a big skyrocketing challenge for the enterprises building software. The necessity to provide the best quality web applications and mobile apps across operating systems, desktops, devices, and browsers have never been huge. However, to meet this skyrocketing challenge, the enterprises are increasing their automation rates to go parallel with ever-changing business demands. SmartBear allows the development and test team to carry on with the technologies and processes they prefer, thus serving its clients by simplifying this challenge.

Bitbar offers support to a wide array of frameworks that are utilized by developers and QA automation engineers, hence enabling them to automate the test with the framework of their choice. In simple terms, Bitbar leverage clients do stuff which they are unable to do with other solutions, and hence giving them a clear choice of opting SmartBear portfolio.

This announcement is followed by the organization's acquiring of Cucumber earlier this year, which reveals its commitment to support famous open source offerings like Espresso, Selenium, Appium, XCUITest.