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The Future Food is Digital! Technology Disrupting Restaurants

By CIOReview | Monday, June 10, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The restaurant business is a significant player in the economy. Restaurants, however, have been one trade to employ a range of technologies and have embraced these as a carrier for delivering what the customer wants—fast, quality service, and excellent choices. Technology is no longer a back house requirement but a game changer for restaurants to stay relevant in the industry. Competition in the market and customer expectation continues to evolve and becomes crucial for restaurants to understand today's well-informed customers. With all innovations and technology tools, it may sometimes feel impossible to keep up the momentum. Understanding how to attract the new demographic tech savvy stands as an excellent solution.

Restaurant owners use data analytics to gain customer insights around dining trends and popular products in the market. Email or mobile re-engagement program, approaching customers with exclusive discounts, promotions based upon the previous favorite item, can be catered.  Analytics also allows restaurant owners to make data-driven decisions and more accurately cater to inventory levels and staffing needs.

Loyalty program applications enable restaurants to understand customer's meal preferences, offer rewards related to their previous purchase habits, highlight special offers, and even be utilized to serve up the content. It can also provide ordering and payments options creating brand loyalty. This is an essential tactic for restaurants to engage their customers with exclusive deals and content that caters their needs and fosters a long term relationship with the brand.

Online ordering or delivery through services is changing the paradigm of how people eat. Innovations of online ordering mechanisms for in-restaurant meals are making this service faster and more personalized. The technology reduces wait times and allows restaurants to serve more partners with fewer employees. This changes employee staffing dynamics and helps optimize the restaurant's profitability. Besides, to help restaurants run more efficiently, technology is a critical tool for restaurants in the modern digitized environment.

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