The Future is Smart Robotics
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The Future is Smart Robotics

By CIOReview | Monday, March 11, 2019

Use of smart robotics tech is no longer confined to traditional sectors like manufacturing and automation as it is becoming a part of every business growth story with a diverse range of applications across multiple industries such as logistics, banking, retail, agriculture, healthcare and so on.

The integration of smart robotics tech is expected to increase operational efficiency. According to an industrial source, by 2023, 40 percent of G2000 manufacturers will digitally connect at least 30 percent of their robots to cloud platforms improving operational efficiency.

Robotics industry has also shown significant growth in the developments of sensor technology attracting investors to invest in intelligent robotics enabled by AI (Artificial Intelligence). IoT (Internet of Things) is also making companies increase the demand for more smart machines and smart robots for personalizing user experience, improving productivity and ramp up efficiency.  

The robotics industry is also giving impetus to the use of robots for activities such as robots that kill germs, robots as teaching assistants, and robots for crop harvesting. Other uses include robots that learn the concept of ownership, robots used by people remotely to earn income and robots that prevent seriously ill students from social isolation.

With such unconventional usage of robots, the robotics industry is revolutionizing future for smart robotics purposes.  Also the robotic manufacturing companies will be able to see how robots that have been experimented for the use of unconventional ways have value for the marketplace as commercial success.

The Andro-humanoid robot that expresses feelings and emotions like humans can perform household tasks and also helps older adults. The robot is smart, advanced and equipped with many sensors. The robot has motorized systems such as human joints, sensors such as human eyes and controls like the human brain. Also, another living example is Sophia, the world’s first humanoid built by Hanson Robotics, a Hong-Kong based company.

Such intelligent innovation with the help of machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence is worth proving the future to be smart and fast-paced.

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