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The Future of Delivery Drones

By CIOReview | Monday, January 7, 2019

Soon drone delivery services are going to be part of everyday lives. Drones are remote controlled aircraft used by military force for years, but recently there has been an increase in flying drones for commercial purpose. Civil drones are now used for research and development, agriculture, delivery systems, and real estate purposes. The applications of drone delivery are as follows.

1. The delivery drone can transport medicines and vaccines and medical samples into and out of remote or inaccessible regions.
2. Postal companies are seeking new ways to yond the traditional snail mail delivery with drone trails as they are more feasible and profitable delivery services.
3. The small aircraft is being automated to be capable of delivering food, drinks, and other household items to consumers.

The benefits of drone delivery services are that,

1. It improves time management: It can deliver faster with the help of accurate locating program which allows human labor to focus on other important delivery procedures.
2. Conserves energy: Drones help workers to conserve efforts while delivering commodities and thus increasing the workforce activity.
3. Promotes safety: Drones prevents accidents as they are physically delivering things to consumers. Human delivery professionals can be exposed to many hazardous environments.
4. Accuracy: Delivery drones are more efficient in delivering commodities to the right recipients.5. Reduced carbon footprints: Drone devices carry a total carbon footprint which is lower than traditional delivery, due to running off clean electric power and flying emission-free.

 It is not that challenges do not exist. The consequences of drone delivery are an expensive device,  battery defects, requirement of technical familiarity, and privacy breach.

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