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The Future of Policing Introduced at ICAP 2017: Spotlights on Yardarm and Blueforce Development

By CIOReview | Friday, February 9, 2018

Fremont, CA: Yardarm Technologies, a leading public safety IoT solutions provider, and Blueforce Development, developer of software products that facilitate the formation of arbitrary and spontaneous confederations of people, sensors, and systems, in association with Microsoft Connected Patrol Car, introduced their Yardarm Gun Aware and Holster Aware sensors. The advanced solution can deliver real-time situation awareness to the Blueforce Command Center. The team’s innovation was demonstrated as part of the Microsoft Connected Patrol Car at booth 2125 during the 2017 IACP Annual Conference and Exposition. The jointly developed solution provides commanders a single view of the weapon status for all their officers, as well as awareness of the officer’s biotelemetry and other environmental sensors.

Utilizing a “single pane of glass view” through the Blueforce Command Center inside the Microsoft Connected Patrol Car, the newly developed solution provides location-based awareness of weapon status for all officers and instantly delivers real-time alerts to each deployed endpoint when an officer unholsters or fires their weapon. Yardarm Gun Aware and Holster Aware sensors that are advanced communications devices can be integrated into any officer for creating a real-time connection between an officer’s gun and holster with commanders. Enabling split-second decisions that can greatly enhance the safety of officers, the sensors instantly deliver an alert when a weapon is drawn, fired, or separated from the officer.

“Command decisions drive mission success or mission failure, where life and death is often a function of actionable information getting to the right person at the right time,“ said Michael Helfrich, chief executive officer of Blueforce. “What is going on at the operational level is of paramount importance. Integrating Yardarm sensors into Blueforce COMMAND gives commanders the critical information they need to make decisions that save lives and guarantee the success of the mission.”

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