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The Future of Search Revolution

By CIOReview | Monday, March 26, 2018

Gone are the days when we had to browse through an encyclopedia to obtain information. Search engines–a phenomenon that surfaced in the late nineties–took the information searching to another level. The advent and rapid proliferation of Google search engine revolutionized the way information is searched, aggregated, and propagated. In fact, Google became a household name in no time–‘Google it out’ soon got assimilated in everyone’s vocabulary. Today, the search revolution is underway with more sophistication and is corroborated by emerging technology trends such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. As the world moves into the new age of search engine revolution, organizations need to gear up for innovations and ideas alongside embracing new technologies.

As per a recent survey about the usefulness of digital assistants, nearly 60 percent of our communication with such AI chatbots will develop into real relationships, in which the assistant can fully understand our needs and even act on our behalf. Therefore, it is implicit that digital assistants will serve as a gatekeeper between customers and businesses. And to earn brownie points, organizations need to enhance the abilities of digital assistants, incorporating AI and machine learning, which will pave the way for effective automation marketing.

Numerous implications can be drawn from the sea of changes inundating the search revolution. The Search game is shifting gears rapidly, and for organizations to stay relevant in today’s ever-evolving tech world, an aggressive innovation strategy is imperative. To that end, they need to expand the horizons of R&D to foster new ideas and accommodate emerging technology trends.