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The Future of Utility in Cloud Technology

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Utility entrepreneurs were among the pioneers to adopt cloud technology because it implied that the business processes would be transformed, which was considered to be an opportunity to solve problems existing in the utility space. In addition, utility projects also could be completed successfully. The most important thing about adopting a cloud-based environment, as regarded by utility business professionals, was that they would not have to depend upon in-house servers, which consumed more time in resolving tasks. Not having to rely on servers meant focusing on the actual business projects and assignments had now become easier. However, some of the organizations working on utility services are still doubtful whether the utility space is likely to enjoy the benefits of adopting the cloud.

Entrepreneurs do not consider the cloud as a trending technology in the market; they adopt a cloud environment because it is a technology that has been tried and tested to enhance business profits. Cloud computing enables utility services to assemble information and allow interoperability, sharing and analysis of information for the advantage of the customers. The success of utility can be seen in the areas of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), drone captured videos as well as simulation emergencies.

Organizations are also adopting a cloud-based environment in order to enhance meter communication standards at the workplace. Alongside this, they are also looking into utility billing services as well. The cloud technology is beneficial in deploying meter in the communication sphere, considering the success of AMI projects. This enables organizations to make better decisions regarding off-premise and hybrid setups.

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