The Ghost that Delivers Food
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The Ghost that Delivers Food

By CIOReview | Friday, June 21, 2019

A virtual restaurant offers customers whatever they want, including a dining experience with a plateful of delicious cuisine shared with the comfort of their home.

FREMONT, CA: It is an expensive affair to set up a restaurant with well-furnished equipment, modern technologies, attractive interior, and still expecting to earn a profit from the investments. Many restaurateurs are still quite skeptical about the idea regarding establishing a restaurant with a good turn-out from people due to the unmanageable primary expenses. With the evolution of technology, restaurateurs can have a sugary truth to trust in the form of a ghost restaurant model.

Ghost Restaurant:

The virtual restaurants religiously follow a delivery-only experience to customers where they neither pick their food nor visit the restaurants they order from. The order is placed via an application or website, acting as the waiter and the food gets delivered to their customers using third-party delivery service. There is no physical location of the restaurant where clients can go moreover it performs with a digital menu over a physical menu.

The application where the order was placed automatically informs the restaurant regarding the activity along with every required detail starting from the customer name to the delivery address.

Tips to Start a Successful Ghost Restaurant:

Abide by the Law: To set a virtual restaurant, startups should collect every detail about legal requirements like food production, authorization, food safety, fire safety, and business licensing as the laws attached to the food businesses are rigid, it is necessary to comply with it.

Professionalism: Maintaining a reasonable balance between the professional and personal identities without intermingling them in the business or finances is crucial, along with keeping track of the loans.

Maintain the Quality:  No matter a virtual or traditional restaurant, the quality depends on the skill, expertise, and experience of the professionals along with the kitchen equipment used to maintain steady growth. It is ideal for the company to focus on the quality as it is already investing no dime on dining hall and rent.

Stay Reasonable: The startup restaurants should compare their prices with the existing competitors and offer services parallel to it, along with the liberty of providing a seasonal menu offer. For that reason, in case of an off-season, the venture does not go unnoticed and low on business, putting an impact on the brand image. 

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