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The Government of Botswana Has Chosen Pangea to Incorporate its eVisa Solution

By CIOReview | Friday, July 31, 2020

Soon, the travellers to Botswana can complete their visa applications online and ease their entry into the country.

FREMONT, CA: The travellers to Botswana can complete their visa applications online and ease their entry into the country. The new service will also decrease the investment of the government's funds, time, paperwork, and workforce allotted for visa applications

Pangea is also upgrading Botswana's computerized immigration and the citizenship system.

Israels Pangea that focusses on the digital renovation of government and business services, has been nominated by the government of Botswana to incorporate its eVisa solution. It is a part of the southern African country's attempts to develop its digital and online services. This will also offer the visitors to Botswana to acquire a visa online and have a smooth entry when they arrive at the land and air arrival points in the country.

The new procedure is anticipated to reduce the governments' investment of money, time, paperwork, and workforce that are apportioned for visa applications and to offer enhanced service to the visitors. The decision is seen as the primary vote of confidence by Botswana in Pangea's eVisa solution and along with years of experience by the Israeli company in digitizing government services in the country.

eVisa transmits the entire management of the visa application method to the digital space. The traveler arrives at the country's eVisa portal, submits the application and the supportive documents online, pays online and even converses with the authorities over the internet. When the application is approved, the eVisa can be downloaded, printed, and brought to the airport. It will benefit both the authorities and travelers as they can reduce queues and clumsy paper-based documentation.

The demand for Online visas is increasing because both the governments and travelers are gradually accepting the digital age. Visa obligations for several countries are already present online, and more countries have also announced the choice of obtaining a visa online.

Uzy Rozenthal, Pangea EVP, General Manager of Government Division, said, "We are in the process of integrating our eVisa solution and expect to have it operational till the end of the year." "By then, it is hoped that the global tourist industry in general and tourism to Botswana in particular, will begin to recover. Botswanas world class safari parks and lodges have enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years. Rozenthal notes that eVisa will dramatically speed up the entry process in Botswana and will translate into a substantial savings in both administration costs and time needed without compromising border security."