The Growing Popularity of IBM Cloud Among Enterprises

The Growing Popularity of IBM Cloud Among Enterprises

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 25, 2021

Even in the most challenging times, IBM Cloud is committed to getting businesses where they need to be and helping them succeed

Fremont, CA: It is more important than ever for a company to evolve swiftly in order to meet the changing needs of its customers. Cloud computing meets critical needs by providing the flexibility and agility needed to respond quickly. Businesses may use the cloud to reduce operational difficulties by modernizing applications and focusing resources on innovation rather than systems management, compliance, and security threats. Customers benefit from superior outcomes and best-in-class experiences, which allows them to innovate more freely. The IBM Cloud is open and secure, allowing businesses to protect existing investments while also allowing them to build on legacy applications and infrastructure or phase them out at their own pace. It's supported by years of experience and created with security, governance, and compliance in mind.

The cloud's future is decentralized. Many firms operate in multi and mixed IT and cloud settings, including on-premises, public cloud, and at the edge. The complexity of developing, delivering, running, and managing applications in hybrid and multicloud settings is enormous. The time and resources required to administer this approach frequently divert attention away from innovation and providing the best possible client experience. The IBM Cloud Satellite tackles these issues front-on by acting as a distributed cloud that delivers consistent cloud services across multiple settings with speed and ease.

Customers have high expectations for experiences that are swift, smooth, and secure. This puts pressure on the financial services industry to react quickly and effectively. Furthermore, rising regulatory pressure and the possibility of cybersecurity breaches have added to the complexity and are contributing to the delay in upgrading business systems. The IBM Cloud for Financial Services is designed to help banks digitize and transform. It's an industry-first architecture built entirely within the IBM Cloud to address these issues with trust and transparency at its core. This entails a public cloud environment with the specific security, compliance, and resiliency requirements of financial institutions.

Data security is and will continue to be a vital requirement for businesses and their customers. As businesses increasingly rely on hybrid and public cloud services, data privacy in the cloud has become a critical issue. Confidential computing enables businesses to encrypt data in transit, reducing risk and susceptibility while data is in use. This enables businesses to safeguard their data in any format or setting securely and to extend the benefits of cloud computing to even the most sensitive tasks.