The Growth Curve of the Healthcare Industry with Respect to Technology
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The Growth Curve of the Healthcare Industry with Respect to Technology

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The advancement of technology has evidently transformed industries and behaviors across the globe. For its share, the healthcare industry has updated itself with a wide variety of innovations. Right from data analysis, the availability of information, and electronic medical records (EMR), to virtual reality and wearable devices, advancements in the health industry that were made in the recent past have proven to transform the industry for the greater good.

The application of big data can be an added advantage to any industry, particularly, for the healthcare industry, as big data shows huge promises in the field of population science. This enables colossal volumes of data across the globe to be collected and analyzed for providing better medication. When people from a particular region of a country are affected by the same disease, this can rightly help. Online queries on diseases also help patients to analyze their medical state with the availability of so many research materials. With the development of technology, records of sensitive patient information, tests, results, and notes can be stored at a centralized online store. The benefits of EMRs are endless; easily accessible data, transparency, and medical billing systems prove to enhance efficiency in the healthcare industry. Virtual reality (VR) stepping into the healthcare arena has made heads turn; it has empowered doctors by providing surgery simulation, robotic surgery, treat phobia and skills training.

Additionally, with the invention of devices that help patients to check their health status proactively prevention has suddenly leaned more toward a possibility. Fitness wearable like calorie tracker, pedometers, and devices that can track heartbeats accurately can be synced with mobile devices and can gather a series of health records accordingly. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Technology has no boundaries; with its advancement the healthcare sector can enhance predictability, provide personalized care for patients, and machines can take over doctors and can make healthcare available 24/7 which will eventually reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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