The Ideal way to the right Intelligent Cloud Solution
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The Ideal way to the right Intelligent Cloud Solution

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 24, 2018

To many of us, the word 'cloud' has only one meaning; but with today's tech-savvy generation and also the new and developing technology, 'cloud', in fact, has more than one meaning. Cloud computing is, as a matter of fact, a metaphor for the internet; it a type of Internet-based computing that consists of different services which include servers, storage, and applications that are delivered to a company's devices through the internet.

To a company, its acquired data is one of its greatest assets, unfortunately maintaining this data has proven to be quite tedious indeed; employees have a difficult time with prioritizing what data is useful and what is not and so end up saving it all, and only because of the fear of, "what if it would be needed later on?". In truth, all and any data whether s record or involved in litigation can be considered valuable to the company. To rectify this a potential solution of 'cloud storage' was put forth. The cloud storage is a service wherein all data can be managed, maintained and of course, backed up. This service will also allow the data to be accessed by them from any location through the internet. An ideal example of cloud computing is Google's Gmail.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that was created by Microsoft in order to archive and manage data in the cloud, therefore the kind of intelligent cloud that you should acquire is one that has a native Azure powered platform that is designed to manage and archive your data in the cloud; this would automatically eliminate any issues of data-stealing when data is moved to a vendor's cloud. Transforming your company's data into a source of business intelligence, while also meeting legal responsibilities is a definite bonus to the company.

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Seeking an intelligent cloud isn't, in fact, a tedious task, specific solutions like "Archive2AAzure" is a platform that will indeed convert a corporate's information to a rich source of business intelligence, and it will not only maintain your data in a secure format it will also reduce your information management and storage costs by at least 90%.

The ultimate solution that you should turn to for an ideal cloud computing experience should be one that can customize information within multiple modules that can be mixed but still provides the user with easy access to any and all information stored and in a secure way so as to maintain control over the company's information.