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The Impact of AI in Photo Editing

By CIOReview | Friday, August 9, 2019

The current trend of photo editing software is motivated by AI and its demand will keep on increasing in the market. The photo editing software simply shows how technology has impacted photo editing.

FREMONT, CA: Maybe the most effective factor that has ever occurred to photography is the advent of digital innovation. For digital photo editing software, the world left analog and chemical editing procedures a long time ago.

Following digital technology, the next huge thing that has appeared in photography is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI-based photo editing software uses machine learning for enhancing the images and manipulating them in various processes.

1. One-Touch Editing

There are many photos editing software that provides the photos an edge with the help of AI. The users can not only easily adjust the images to a wide range of features by using sliders but also preset the styles before clicking. There are also photo editors who give its users the benefit of one-touch photo enhancement. The photos are simple yet sophisticated without compromising its quality.

2. Face Beauty Effect

As the demand for selfies has increased, photo editing software has also started investing heavily in the face beauty trend. Nowadays, most of the mobile have face beauty application, but they are mostly amateurs. There is also professional photo editing software available that hugely relies on the AI-driven facial recognition technology to give more realistic effects.

There is also software that uses facial and objects recognition technology for giving better effects to the photos. The tool also removes the hassle of personally adjusting effects such as shadows, color correction, contrast, highlights, and many more. Also, many software can correct imperfection such as teeth whitening or eye correction in a face.

3. Style Effects

The photo editing tools also offers customized styles that will provide various effects on a photo. Style effects are easy, convenient, and efficient, especially when there is no time for editing.

4. Photo Upscaling

There are photo editing tools that uses AI for increasing the photo resolution by preserving its quality, and the device is also fantastic for photo printing. There is software that will enlarge the photos and upscale those to almost 600 percent yet keep its detail using machine learning for analyzing the image pixel-by-pixel. 

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