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The Impact of Blockchain on the Content Industry

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Be it movies, music, books, articles or any other form of content, all have achieved a new sense of life with the ever engulfing information technology. IT has come to play a significant role in the wider and faster delivery of content globally. However, it also reinforces the challenges of piracy, plagiarism, spam, and security of content. Thus, calling for a more ingenious solution to tackle the problem and further unleash the potential of information technology.

One such technology that has come to disrupt the operations of a number of industries is Blockchain. Having come into existence as a solution to facilitate Bitcoin, the technology has come a long way in unfurling a great array of applications to a wide plethora of industries. Let us take a brief glimpse as to how the technology could bolster the content industry.

Take the case of online publishing be it an article, a book or a video, one of the biggest problem that the owner of the content faces is the lack of due credit or the inability to establish absolute authority over the content. However, with the Blockchain technology, the content is registered permanently through a cryptographic recording making the content certified and time stamped, thus proving the content to belong to the original writer. Another major application would be its ability to inhibit the inflow of spam mails. Unlike the conventional platforms, where emails are sent through centralized servers, the blockchain enables email transactions through individual nodes, and hence, eliminate spam from emails. Lastly, the Blockchain has emerged as the most efficacious platform to tackle the ever pernicious problem of piracy. By allowing the content owners to distribute content at a decentralized level, it gives them the power to duly supervise the chain of beneficiaries.  As a result, helping the owners enjoy the due credit for their material.

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