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The Impact of Data Analytics in Driving Air Travel Experience

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 7, 2018

A consistently pleasant travel experience for passengers is high on the agenda of every airline. After all, passenger reviews have a direct impact on an airline’s revenue. As a result, airlines today are implementing innovative ways to enhance passengers’ on-board experience. One such attempt is the inclusion of Internet access and in-flight entertainment. Take for example, Gogo Air, a company that provides in-flight broadband Internet services for commercial and business aircraft, which relies on data analytics and machine learning to upgrade the existing service. It leverages Adobe Analytics tools among others to derive insights around customer experience.

More than 17 of the world’s biggest airlines have partnered with Gogo Air to comprehend the in-flight needs of their customers more effectively. By providing updated context and information about user behavior, Gogo Air assists airlines to refurbish their strategies around in-flight entertainment systems. Gogo also provides Wi-Fi services to passengers, which in turn helps in gathering information about their preferences —like, the TV shows or movies they watch, the type of music they listen to, or the e-books they read. It then leverages these data sets to drive analytics and enable airlines to offer targeted products to passengers and enhance their overall experience.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are leading rapid advancement in the process of analytics, simplifying and making it more user-friendly at the same time. Gogo’s clients are utilizing these technologies to create awareness by giving a boost to the advertising of entertainment products on popular pages that aren’t quite focused on entertainment, and also to bolster merchandising effectiveness. Airlines in general are now looking forward to leading innovations in order to personalize their offerings.

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