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The Importance of Knowledge Management

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Dynamic policies, regulations, and processes make it harder to remember the details and intricacies of a job, making it a challenge for businesses to consolidate the collective knowledge of the entire workforce. Knowledge management is essential in cutting down on time misspent by employees looking for instructions and following previous protocols.

A practical knowledge management system can come handy in this case by aiding in adjusting the traditional knowledge organization structure to be in sync with a more extensive network.

What is Knowledge Management System?

Experts have been dealing with the subject of knowledge management for decades as corporations swelled and global organizations became more commonplace. Therefore, the method of keeping employees informed about the nuances of the organization has become a dire challenge.

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The search for methods through which employees can distribute information at the workplace indicated that there were lesser quality checks or updates previously unless managers addressed the matter formally. The methods were unorganized, and the companies were in a critical requirement for ways to gather and process the information on a shared platform that led to the creation of the field of knowledge management.

Knowledge management systems consist of all the software elements that help in the collection and management of data within a business, and the tools include:

•    Groupware (communication and collaboration software)
•    Content management systems (CMS)
•    Corporate learning management systems (LMS)
•    Employee intranet software
•    Data warehouses
•    AI assistants

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Implementing effective knowledge management:

Merely owning the tools does not guarantee effective knowledge management in an organization, and extra measures are often needed to ensure that data are appropriately utilized. One significant aspect of creating a prominent knowledge management system is to advance a culture where data sharing is prioritized, and managers should also aim to fit the whole system into existing workflows. Once these measures are in place, the entire organization would start performing more smoothly than before. 

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