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The Importance of Personnel for Organizational Compliance

By CIOReview | Friday, June 22, 2018

When we talk of compliance, it refers to a company adhering to the legal laws and regulations in managing their business, staff, and treatment towards the users. The most vital aspect of compliance is to make sure that companies operate and manage their functions responsibly. However, at times, the simplest mistake can land a company in trouble with compliance. One might place the best technology in place, but nothing assures your company complies with data protection and privacy laws. Today, employees touch several vital data points in an organization. These employees often include data entry clerks, call center employees, marketing professionals, people managers, and HR to name a few.

Often, the trickiest aspect of compliance is the unpredictable human behavior. People make mistakes because of carelessness or acting maliciously or at times unknowingly. Hence, organizations must establish a culture of compliance to educate employees to adhere to the stringent compliance standards. It needs to be embedded into the daily activities and made a vital part of the work process. It should be communicated, and employees should be incentivized for behaving accordingly. With a compliance culture embedded in a company’s ethics, the efforts and strategies made for regulatory will not go to waste.

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