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The Know-How of Retention and Acquisition of Talent in Security Realms

By CIOReview | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

While the world struggles with security staff shortage, companies can still build great teams if they pay attention to retention and quality hiring.

FREMONT, CA: Cybersecurity issues and threats are spiraling. An expert security team is a significant advantage for any company, but cybersecurity skill shortage is an equally big problem. Acquiring qualified security professional and retaining makes security effective. New hiring requires more investment than retaining an existing employee. To keep the security robust while not exceeding the budget, proper recruitment and retention strategies are incredibly crucial. 

• Imparting Training

The employees prefer receiving training which the company is not always able to afford. Training is essential for employees since they want to develop their skills and add to their capabilities so they can remain valuable in dynamic work environments. Companies should try to work out a strategy by which they can spare some resources to train and equip their employees with upgraded skills.

• Offer Flexibility

Flexibility in working style, working time, and working location has the power to impact the quality of life of workers substantially. By making provisions for employees to work remotely whenever they want to, companies pave the way for high performance and reasonable retention rates.

• Building a Competent Team

Companies should look to build good, competent teams. One of the major factors that affect retention among employees is the quality of peer and managers. When there are people who inspire and motivate, the workplace culture gets better, and people enjoy interacting and working together. Hiring the right candidates can ensure a competent team.

• Encouraging Team Culture-building

Every workplace has a particular culture. Companies should make it a point not to impose the company culture on teams forcefully. Instead, teams should look to develop their own cultures and make it an active part of the daily routine. A workplace which encourages employees to express themselves makes a good workplace. Employee satisfaction contributes to retention.

• Effective Performance Appraisal

A company should make conscious efforts to provide valuable inputs to the employees. Conveying to the employees that their work has contributed to the company's growth motivates them. Similarly, talking to employees about how they can improve certain aspects and do better also works.

Staff shortage for security teams is proving to be a headache. Managing the talent pool better helps gain a competitive edge.

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