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The Latest CDN is a Hybrid of Private and Multi-CDN

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 30, 2019

FREMONT, CA: A Hybrid Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a service that provides Multi-CDNs with Private CDN service for specific purposes of a company. With the service, both private CDN network and a high-performance CDN service can be availed simultaneously. Hence, the name hybrid is derived. The concepts of CDN, Multi-CDN, and Private CDN together make up the Hybrid CDN structure.

CDN: A cloud computing service that supports websites and OTT content to be broadcasted from the nearest points through its geographically distributed structure. This service reduces the reaction times to requests from internet platforms that serve different purposes such as e-commerce, games, and video.

In recent years, the Internet has become global, and all platforms have 24/7 content requests across the world. It is proven to be difficult for Content Delivery Networks (CDN) that are geographically distributed to respond to each point with the same performance.  

Multi CDN: A strengthened CDN service can be provided by combining traditional CDNs. Two or more CDNS connected by a common platform can respond to end-user requests by considering load and zone states.

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A single CDN may manage user requests for content from a website in a single geographic area, but a site with end users from across the continent requires a multi-CDN. For the fulfillment of the above reason, a robust global architecture is created by using strong CDNs. 

Private CDN: Many Platforms may want to be set up along with a CDN on their servers. A dedicated network can be requested for which the control is in their hands. The concept of private CDN emerged as the response to these requests.

Hybrid CDN: A Hybrid CDN is a network, which provides two options for the customer: a CDN or Multi-CDN service along with a Private CDN service installed on custom servers.

Advantages of the Hybrid CDN:

•    Its services are provided over a private network for an explicit purpose.
•    An on-perm CDN network can be installed via the servers owned by the customer.
•    Requests from various geographically distributed regions are served with a second service that will be responded to by one or more CDN services.

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Hybrid CDN is the newest technology of networks. With Hybrid CDN, An ultra-high performance, secure service, and globally available content can be availed.