The Most Dominating Trends for Web Design and Development
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The Most Dominating Trends for Web Design and Development

By CIOReview | Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Today, websites have exceeded as just the virtual representation of a company. It is key to building ecosystem and brand, generate business, and earn a wider clientele. In addition to creating a strong impression on the visitor, a website designed in the sync of latest trends keeps the brand ahead in the race of top ranking websites.


Brutalism is seen as a reaction to the lightness, optimism, and frivolity of today’s web design by today's generation. Recently, people have started getting interest in purposeful unattractiveness and unfinished look. Certain features such as the hover effect, basic system fonts, web-safe colors, and unusual scroll would be some of the common sights in 2018.

Purposeful Animations

Animations and moving graphics would take an acute turn to enhance the user experience on the company website. Along with offering some type of guidance through engagement, animations help the users in understanding the working of certain products or the entire website. Additionally, animations would be heavily used to guide to the next steps, show system status, show navigational effect, and to giveaway visual hints.

Playing With Adventurous Colors

Bold colors have been the play-tool of designers for the past two years and their palette would go wild this year. More adventurous colors are becoming the top choice for the designers. Several companies are following this trend, hinting that a bolder and adventurous color scheme, supersaturation, gradient colors, and vibrant shades would be dominating the 2018 trend in web designing. A courageous approach to filling the web with adventurous colors is certainly on this year’s agenda.

Asymmetrical Layouts

Broken layouts and unconventional form of asymmetrical design would be the ruling trend in web designing. Such a website with unusual images and elements offers the designers a chance to experiment with their fancies while also making the design stand out from the crowd. Such misplaced placed grids and layouts also promise to offer a great user experience—surprising the online users and customers with unexpected design elements.

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