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The Most Intuitive Business Intelligence Tools of 2018

By CIOReview | Monday, July 2, 2018

With the growing need for businesses to adopt automation and simplify business procedures, business intelligence (BI) tools have gained importance. According to entrepreneurs, the best-in-class BI tools mentioned below help organizations deliver relevant information, thereby improving business performance as a whole:

1. SAS: SAS offers high-end connectivity between a range of data sources and end-users. Alongside, the tools enable organizations to keep business information safe with the aid of security issue diagnosis and resolution.

2. WebFOCUS: WebFOCUS ensures delivery of relevant data to the business organizations and their clients through user-friendly applications such as RSat, ReportCaster, and InfoDiscovery. It also offers advanced data integration features.

3. IBM Cognos: IBM Cognos, the web-based BI suite developed by IBM enables businesses to acquire insights with the help of appropriate toolsets that also assist in data analysis and reporting.

4. MicroStrategy: MicroStrategy enables organizations to conduct data mining along with visualization as it comprises a myriad of applications that are capable of transforming data into reports.

5. Microsoft BI: Well known for Master Data Services, Reporting as well as Analysis Services, Microsoft BI is an open source business platform which is leveraged to convert aggregated data into the required visual format that would enable organizations to analyze data in a better manner.

Other BI tools worth mentioning are Oracle BI, SAP BW, and HANA, which are equally capable of supporting businesses with the conduction of end-to-end processes starting from data aggregation, data visualization, analysis and execution within an interactive environment. The aforementioned Business Intelligence tools consist of more features, specifically designed for facilitating the entire decision-making process of an organization.

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