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The Myths about Utilizing the Cloud Services

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The potential of the cloud is undoubtedly significant. However, there exist few myths when it comes to adopting cloud services that might lead to bad decisions and failed implementations. One myth that has led to most of the problems is the belief that, by utilizing the cloud, a company does not have to worry about its on-premises IT infrastructure or the systems supporting it.

The statement that cloud service providers “manage everything” is not really true. In many cases, using the cloud requires new networking hardware to support advanced wide-area network (WAN) application both in terms of number of consumers and the volume of data traffic. In addition, the network infrastructure needed to connect to the cloud must be highly reliable. In some companies, the demand for uptime and the reliability of the on-premises infrastructure to migrate to the cloud are greater than the legacy uptime demands for on-premises servers and other hardware.

It’s essential for organizations to house their network equipment in an environment that has physical facilities like the power, cooling, and manageability obligatory to keep it reliable, as the business depends on it. It is also important that for the physical infrastructure to have a significant amount of agility and scalability, as the cloud services are changing over time.

The second myth is that with cloud services everything can be shifted to the cloud which is not true.The reason is, transferring everything to the cloud can be expensive, and some crucial data may have to be stored on-premises to meet the regulatory requirements.