The New Android App from Appthority is More Dynamic Than Ever

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 16, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Appthority, a leading provider of enterprise mobile app risk management services, recently announced the universal availability of its Android app. The company makes the move in a response to heightened market demand for on-device enterprise mobile security solutions that allows employees to better understand mobile app risks and help protect their respective enterprises. The new Android app integrates seamlessly with the previously available iOS app, rendering Appthority consumers with complete on-device monitoring and security.

Appthority greatly diminishes the number of malicious apps that can enter the enterprise network and helps reduce data leakage and privacy invasions associated with risky apps. Administrators can supervise and automate the formation of white and blacklisted apps in real-time and immediately alert employees about risky apps and guard against any dubious apps detected.

The addition of the Android app to its portfolio of protection competencies was imperative due to two reasons. Firstly, research done by Appthority's own team has shown, Android users are particularly vulnerable to attack as statistically nearly 90 percent of all Android apps on enterprise devices exhibit data leakage tendencies.

Secondly, contemporary businesses are looking for lightweight, yet robust mobile security solutions that employees can easily understand and integrate. The Appthority apps are user-friendly and distinctly demonstrate compliant and non-compliant apps already on the employee's device and allow users to easily search and check apps for risky non-compliant behaviors prior to download. This permits usage of new safe apps and enlightens employees about hazardous app behaviors and provides protection to enterprises and employees from data leakage and privacy invasion. Unlike traditional anti-malware tools, The Appthority app lets users to be proactive, giving them the ability to asses an app's risk before installation on their device.

"More than 70 percent of our customers and prospects have expressed the need for a solution that empowers and educates employees," said Domingo Guerra, president and co-founder of Appthority. "Our on-device app risk management solution meets that need, giving enterprises a comprehensive mobile security tool that offers the power of self-management and self-remediation and also goes beyond malware protection.

"This is why a Fortune 50 customer recently replaced its existing malware-only mobile security solution with Appthority's - to fully empower its employees against not just malware, but also apps that risk leaking sensitive data," informed Guerra. "Although iOS still leads in enterprise device market share, an increasing number of our customers are seeing demand for Android, particularly in BYOD environments. These customers see Appthority's solution as a key enabler of secure Android adoption."

The new Appthority Android app includes new features like the malicious app detection directly on employee devices. Within its Android and iOS apps, Appthority enables on-device malware and additional threat detection that repeatedly review employee installed apps against the newest mobile risks and presents real-time alerts and solutions. It also provides proactive security unlike traditional security solutions that wait until an app is installed before evaluating it for risk; Appthority evaluates an app's security risk posture before installation. Moreover it allows for employee self-remediation to educate employees about mobile threats like risky apps as well as automation of compliance monitoring and whitelist and blacklist browsing pre-approved based on corporate policies.

Recently, Appthority published its new Q1 2016 Enterprise Mobile Threat Report that tested hundreds of apps that within its global database during the second half of 2015. This analysis determined how high risk data leakage and privacy invasive app behaviors impact enterprise environments

In addition to quarterly reports assessing the overall state of mobile app risks to the enterprise, Appthority's Enterprise Mobile Threat Team offers on-going mobile threat analysis and reporting via its blog.