The New Application Management Service by energyOrbit is EE large-deployments specific
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The New Application Management Service by energyOrbit is EE large-deployments specific

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 25, 2019
Udi Merhav, CEO & Founder

Udi Merhav, CEO & Founder

A new service, officially named AMS has been announced by energyOrbit, a leading provider of demand-side management operations and cloud energy efficiency. The innovative service would allow the latter to supervise program deployments of large-scale cloud energy efficiency including reporting, technical support, and maintenance.

Fremont, CA: The AMS (Application Management Service) by energyOrbit has been developed keeping in mind the complexities involved in the large-scale energy efficiency deployment and to tackle them. AMS is built on the existing cloud-powered management platform at energyOrbit.

Through AMS, the firm’s customers would be bestowed with a chance to function directly with energyOrbit to manage crucial energy efficiency program areas.

Utilities can choose to completely and internally control the energyOrbit platform. AMS is the best-fit solution for utilities having resource constraints, also bigger deployments which might otherwise need additional people.

An energy efficiency program implementation from the initial stage to deployment is well beyond implementing software and finding the right solutions. A basic yet critical requirement of these programs is highly skilled resources that can be immediately deployed.

energyOrbit, through AMS, intends to function together with utilities to facilitate custom reporting, personalized solutions, and technical support to impart the capability of the smooth running of programs.

energyOrbit consumers have been able to run energy efficiency programs automatically and cut down operation expenditure and enter the market faster. Now, through AMS, utilities would have another layer of support to ensure workflows are maintained.

“With energyOrbit, utilities are in the 'driver seat' as they obtain an unprecedented level of control and visibility into how their constituents are being served. We provide our customers with unparalleled levels of independence and self-sufficiency, once the solution is implemented”, informs Udi Merhav, Founder and CEO, energyOrbit. energyOrbit was featured by CIOReview Magazine as one of the Top 10 Utilities Technology Solution Providers 2015