The New Era of Clothing with 3D-Printing Technology
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The New Era of Clothing with 3D-Printing Technology

By CIOReview | Friday, July 26, 2019

With the introduction of 3D printing technology in the fashion industry, designers can extend their artistic limits.

FREMONT, CA: While making a debut at the central stage of the industrial ecosystem, the 3D technology, for its unique innovations disrupted the functionalities of conventional working methods. Even though the workers were initially skeptical about the risk of being substituted for their roles, but the ability to disclose more options in a hybrid environment compelled the professionals to undertake the 3D printing technology. Not long enough; the fashion industry also came rushing in the developmental framework to harness the full potential of the duplicating technology.

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In the modeling industry, the configuration of textiles plays a huge role, and even with a minor deviation from theoretical designs will prove to demolish the hard-established reputation of the designers. Back in the days, the collection, segregation, entanglement, and correlation was functioned manually, which not only proved to be time-consuming but also inefficient. Furthermore, the probability of micro and macro-anomalies decreased the value of garments. However, the personal touch received from a professional weaver made the designers sceptical with undertaking innovative measures.

Although, the 3D printed garments are far from being sold in the actual markets, the particularity and uniqueness to replicate exact designs made fashion designers to flock for this technology. Furthermore, by eliminating the limitations of conventional designing challenges, the 3D printing technology is presently being used by fashion designers to turn their wildest ideas into reality.  

From complicated dresses to shoes, 3D printing technology is able to replicate any form of wearable efficiently. With the integration of 3D printers in the designing industry, the artists are able to customize the accessories very quickly and effectively.

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As perception about things varies individually, so to define designing parameters at each of the manufacturing steps would take a lot of their productive time. And, with the increasing latency, the cost of production gets elevated, hence creating an artistic void between designer and producer. Furthermore, the flexibility of 3D printing makes it perfect for efficiently transforming a design into a product. Moreover, the achievement of conceivable objects makes the designers extend their creative limits.

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