The New Virtual DNS Keeps DDoS at Bay

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 11, 2015

FREMONT, CA: CloudFlare introduces a new DDoS mitigation platform to secure DNS servers. Virtual DNS is the new authoritative DNS proxy service which caches DNS records at the edge of the globally distributed network which works even if the original DNS server goes down.

Virtual DNS leverages CloudFlare proxy to provide two additional layers of security in the form of active DNS access through which the DNS service is maintained even if the original DNS server goes down and the other security layer is the masking of the original IP addresses of the provider’s nameservers behind CloudFlare’s IP address. In case the original goes defunct due to some reasons, customers can still have access to the DNS database as CloudFlare keeps the DNS records in the cache and answers to the queries. Also, obscuring the true origin IP addresses of the provider’s nameservers is a deterrent to the DDoS attacks.

The other benefits of Virtual DNS are: fast DNS lookups, bandwidth savings, blocking of malicious traffic. As DNS operators expect a resilient infrastructure, Virtual DNS caters to this demand through its DDoS mitigation capabilities which voids the need of regular updates from the customers for the name servers. It also allows DNS caching at 30 locations around the globe providing a secure and robust DNS request-response experience.