The New Ways to Fight Fraud in Finance
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The New Ways to Fight Fraud in Finance

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 5, 2018

With everything becoming digital in today’s world, combating fraud is vital as there can be serious consequences, both in terms of commerce and compliance. Although the explosion of modern technology in the highly regulated sectors has paved way for sophisticated fraud techniques, the advancements in technology has also made possible for smart approaches to detect them. In the case of financial institutions, they are investing a large amount to prevent fraudulent attacks but their extent and nature of financial fraud persists to change regularly.

It is also to be pointed out that completely eliminating the financial frauds might be difficult; however, there is a need to improve threat mitigation. This is where the emergence of big data acts as a potentially potent weapon to combat fraudulent activities. Big data analytics enables financial intuitions to analyze massive data volumes and create extremely precise predictive models to identify fraud in real time and thwart the impending damage.

The unique fraud detection and prevention techniques such as real-time detection and behavioral analysis are brought about by big data to a new outlook to the fraud fighting techniques. The use of data analytics aids institutions to empathize with the regular activity patterns among their customers and the broader industry. This profound understanding helps in detecting skeptical activities, receive patterns and locate unusual transactions that in turn help prevent fraud happening. To protect the data that are likely handled by the third parties, organizations need to take steps and design procedures and policies around that data.

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