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The Next Phase of Video Surveillance

By CIOReview | Monday, October 30, 2017

A video surveillance system has become an inevitable part of most businesses today to keep an eye on the events and happening in the workplace. Many business owners today need the convenience and ease of viewing live video even while they are away from the site through their smartphones or tablets. The latest developments in the technology has allowed users to view video of a site from anywhere in the world through internet enabled access.

This kind of remote monitoring empowers users with more control for managing system settings and recording video from any place and at any time. A number of remote monitoring systems available in the market also enable users to record video footage for later viewing and retention. Some remote mobile video surveillance manufacturers now offer complimentary mobile surveillance apps for smartphones and tablets in addition to internet-based systems. These apps are compatible with various iOS and Android devices and can allow users to view multiple cameras simultaneously. Incorporating today’s advanced technologies; the systems can be configured to send text messages to a smartphone if it detects activity such as motion, unit tampering or vandalism.

Mobile surveillance apps can control pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) settings to enable the user to change direction and zoom in and out to scan the area under surveillance. These cameras can monitor larger areas than stationery cameras by offering a range of horizontal (pan) and vertical (tilt) movement settings. Many users increasingly rely on their smartphones for all internet access, so a mobile security camera app can be very helpful for them. Nowadays, several systems offer anti-malware software to avoid any kind of malware or mobile attack. Besides, companies should incorporate cybersecurity protocols in alignment with their overall security measures into their mobile and video surveillance technology practices. With myriad of remote monitoring apps for video surveillance, businesses can easily have control over their premises on the go.