The Numina Group Launches a Software for Advanced Shipment and Delivery

By CIOReview | Monday, August 17, 2015

WOODRIDGE, IL: Along with production and administrative costs, businesses also have transportation costs to undergo. To this end The Numina Group, provider of design and implementation of automated warehouses, launches advanced cartonization software that delivers enhanced order fulfillment along with cost saving solutions. It also functions as an audit tool that helps in detecting discrepancies in outbound shipments.

Some of the major features provided by this software includes selecting the right carton upfront meaning before the order is released the software evaluates the order data and calculates the optimal shipping carton size making it easier for warehouses to directly pick the final shipping carton that saves time and reduces cost. It uses the bin modeling cartonization logic which means that it only produces SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) selection results that can truly fit into the selected carton size unlike the previously used fluid model solution that uses data relevant to item volume and total volume of cartons.

 The software can also predict the actual shipping costs by delivering real time order inspection when integrated with an order fulfillment system, resulting in accurate LTL ( Less than Truck Load shipping) and other shipping costs even before actual shipment. It also helps companies that ship a high percentage of full case SKUs to learn full case SKU cube and weight using the “learn mode”, eliminating labor intensive tasks of manual weight data collection.

“The storage and cube utilization of a warehouse, the sizing of future facilities and transportation planning can all be optimized by combining cartonization software with an in-line dimensional weight system,” says Dan Hanrahan, CEO, The Numina Group.