The Pace And Performance Of Enterprise Software
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The Pace And Performance Of Enterprise Software

By CIOReview | Monday, September 26, 2016

Defining the trends that changed the pace and performance of enterprise software in 2013 may be a task something close to impossible, since the constituents of this sector has never been more vague before. While for some the pure definition of ‘enterprise software’ means nothing but applications used to run some of the largest business operations, in real, it can be simplified to any software application used in a business regardless of size, location and capital. But there has been a strong notion; they say 2013 redefined the sector! Is there a new and a better definition? Is 2014 going to radically shift focuses to improvised technologies and solutions? Let’s get into the real nitty-gritty.

Silicon Valley, the power house of U.S. economy has always uplifted sectors that were once nothing but mighty thoughts. In them, perhaps the most important of all being enterprise software, excelled to great levels in 2013 like never before. Powered by the startup syndrome, cloud and Big Data is being more accessible and is providing innovative solutions to enterprises and end users.  “Generally, major trends in enterprise computing happen over decades, but cloud adoption is accelerating right in front of our eyes. For example, the momentum behind OpenStack and enterprise interest in it is tremendous. Clearly, enterprises see the value in cloud architectures and are moving fast to get there,” says Jim Whitehurst, president and CEO, Red Hat.

The year 2014 puts forth great expectations to many industry experts as they believe that this year would shape the technology industry to utmost perfection. As more and more entrepreneurs and industry specialists step out to innovate, it is predicted that the focus of the software industry may radically shift and enterprise software would be channelized and deployed along with cloud and big data systematically, like never before. “There will be a continued shift toward SaaS solutions in 2014, even more of a focus on mobile and tablets, a continued focus on the customer, and finally B2B software building in better user experiences which have been around in consumer applications for a few years,” says Mark Wilson, CEO & Founder of TermSync.

While Big Data and Cloud is expected to do the magic, SaaS (Software as a Service) will also see a massive growth because of the lower upfront costs, more predictability, and continuous feature updates. All such improvements lay before young and innovative companies to mark their existence firmly in a tough and competitive environment, carrying forward the ‘good’ from 2013 and making 2014 a year of prospective growth and performance.

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